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Ten Shin Gardens Co., Ltd. (TSG) was founded in 2006 with a specialized interest to propagate, hybridize and market a vast array of orchid species and hybrids to all orchid lovers over the world. Our orchids originate mainly from Taiwan, South East Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. With two greenhouses established firmly on 54,000 square feet of land, our nursery is located in Yuanli Township in the beautiful Miaoli County. It is about 30-minute drive to Taichung (the third largest city of Taiwan) and 2-hour drive away to the south from Taipei, the capital and largest city of Taiwan.

We do both retail and wholesale of variety of orchids, ranging from rare collector species to exuberant, showy hybrids. This is our long-term goal and enthusiasm to bring fore high quality, rare, and easy-to-grow orchids. One of our ongoing projects is to hybridize and grow distinctive orchid hybrids (e.g., cycnodes, oncidium) which produce spectacular and elegant blooms that entice the eye of the pickiest orchid judges.

Surrounding TSG is the picturesque landscape of organic farms of a myriad of agricultural produce like rice, vegetables, medicinal plants, fruits and flowers. A signature landmark that infuses serenity energy to Miaoli County is the summit of Huoyan San or the “Flaming” mountain which is reputed to be a sacred site of the divine pantheon. The misty mountain stands adjoined to a fertile plain, overseeing the plain like a loyal guardian goddess. Thus, this is where the inspiration came from when coining our company name: Ten Shin. Ten Shin in English translation means the “Heart of the Heaven”. The heart of the heaven signifies perfection of highest beauty and wisdom, which is well exemplified in the orchids we grow. The plants in blooms can never fail to instill serenity, joy and delight to aspirants who seek natural beauty that leads to inner peace and wisdom.

Ten Shin Gardens (TSG) is a growing haven of various orchid species from all over the world. Our mission to seek and propagate rare and unique orchid species makes us distinct among other orchid nurseries. We always believe that the quality and uniqueness of our orchids stem not only from a caring growing environment, but our acquisitive heart for perfection, serenity and beauty. This embracement of quality, rarity and serenity is enrooted in our orchids – and readily felt by many.

Our plants are cultivated in great care, with our best possible effort to protect them from pest and diseases. Prior to shipment abroad, our plants are carefully inspected and hence guaranteed by the meticulous Taiwan Agriculture Pest and Disease Control Department to be free of pest and diseases. In an era of environmental preservation becoming everyone’s shared duty, this is our intent to grow our orchid plants using minimal, if impossible completely without, chemical pesticides that may disrupt the balances of ecosystem. We hope that our effort of propagating rare species of orchids will help preserve these magnificent plants of approaching extinction in their own natural habitat to future generations. We believe that the diverse species of orchids will continue their legacy that once thrived elegantly in the wild to every shielded quarter and household in today’s modern homes. The greening of environment should begin at and embark on every single home, and planting orchids can practically contribute to this green effort.